George Welcomes Local Hollywood Stars Comments on Independence

George on a sunny day outside the AbbeyGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has today greeted local boy, Gerard Butlers’, comments on independence with great enthusiasm. Gerard was recently quoted as saying ‘I can’t see any reason why Scotland shouldn’t be independent. It’s a different country with different attitudes, people and outlook, so why not’?

George said, “The recent announcement by the Scottish Government that the referendum on independence will take place in the autumn of 2014 has brought a life long dream of mine and so many others, closer than it has ever been. In 2014, the people of Scotland will be given the option to vote on Scotland becoming an independent nation, affording all of us as a nation the right make all Scotland decisions, in Scotland.

‘Comments, like the ones recently by Paisley boy, Gerard Butler, are very welcome, as he can reach a wide audience and hopefully engage younger voters. We are all aware of Sir Sean Connery’s long held backing for independence; however it’s good to see a younger high profile celebrity asserting his view that there is no reason why Scotland should not be independent.

‘Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, today [24/01/12] gave the Hugo Young Lecture in London where he spoke of the many different policies which Scotland has pursued in contrast to Westminster, while even in some case Westminster has followed our lead. Be it the smoking ban, no tuition fees; free personal care for the elderly or free prescriptions, Scotland’s policies are in stark contrast to those made in London.

‘So from now until the autumn of 2014, myself and countless others, will talk up Scotland, highlight her qualities and convince the people of Scotland that independence is the best path forward to creating a better Scotland”.