George Speaks in the Empty Property Relief Debate

George yesterday spoke on in the Local Government Debate on Empty Property Relief. Empty properties are a sight that blights our high street and George has and will work with any group to promote our town centre and make positive contributions in making this great town even better.

During the debate George commented: “There is potential to bring 5,500 properties back into use. The alternative is that, as Mr Brown (Conservative MSP) suggested, we do nothing and leave our town centres the way they are, with no hope or vision for the future. That is what the Tories constantly come up with. If we continue to do nothing, the cost and impact will be that, in 2012-13, £152 million will be used to subsidise empty shops. We will spend £152 million to keep shops and businesses closed. That is not right or correct in a modern and dynamic Scotland. What incentive does that give faceless absentee landlords on our high streets, who sit on properties while having no interest in town centre regeneration? Reform of empty property rates will revitalise our town centres and provide that incentive. It will work alongside other regeneration strategies and groups in our communities. It is important to our town centres and to our local economies, which work locally with the authorities and partner organisations to ensure that we can have vibrant and sustainable town centres.”

There are many positive groups in our town working to open up our town centre, injecting creativity and purpose which will benefit Paisley. If you wish to work with George in developing our town centre, do not hesitate to get in contact.

To view George’s full contribution to the debate and the full debate in its entirety, click here. George’s contribution is on page 10363.