George Hits out at Airline Slots

George outside Paisley Abbey and Paisley Town Hall, underneath Glasgow Airport's Flightpath

In light of the news that Virgin Atlantic has been offered the rights to operate Heathrow links to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, George has voiced his discontent that Glasgow Airport has missed out. George has mirrored Amanda McMillan’s comments, managing director of Glasgow Airport that it is disappointing that the airport will not benefit in any way from this decision as the EU Commission did not include Glasgow in its plans to ringfence slots at Heathrow. With the news last week that the UK Government is to increase Air Passenger Duty, this is yet another shining example of why Scotland needs her independence and a seat alongside other EU members.

“I was very disappointed to hear that Glasgow Airport was not to benefit in any way from the plans to ringfence slots at Heathrow. I have been working with Amanda McMillan since being elected and have seen the dedication from her and her staff which has lead to the major increases in passengers traveling through the airport, which is great news for the local economy.

‘This news from the EU Commission is not what we would have hoped for, coming on the back of the increase to Air Passenger Duty (APD), a decision taken by Westminster. I believe now more than ever we need a strong Scottish voice at the EU, which we currently are not afforded.

‘We need the powers to regulate our own APD. Recently, in parliament at the last meeting of the Cross Party Group on Aviation, many of the industries most influential people attended. Be assured, I will continue to support Glasgow Airport in any way I can.”