George Congratulates Local Fire Station

George and Cllr Brian Lawson at Paisley Community Fire StationAs part of the Doors Open Day 2012, Paisley Community Fire Station on Canal Street, opened its doors to invite buddies in for a look around. Before heading off to cheer on Scotland at Hampden, George went along to meet our local fire and rescue officers and as everyone loves to do, have a close up look at the fire engines.

After the visit, George said:

“I really enjoy doors open day every year and one of my favourite places to come along to always is Paisley Community Fire Station. The job our firemen and women do is truly remarkable and we all owe them so much. However, we always think of them putting out fires or helping at an accident, but the job they do in fire prevention and education is just as important. Having severed as a councillor before I was Paisley’s MSP, I have had regular contact with local fire and rescue officers and always find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable, willing to work will our local community to make it a safer place for everyone.

‘During the visit, two of the appliances had to go out on a call and thank fully everyone returned safe and sound. The thought of riding in a fire engine is every young boys dream and to see them up close is still a pleasure of mine no matter how often I have seen them.

‘Doors open day is a date on my calendar that I always look forward too and being able to meet and talk to our local fire officers, and getting to see their fire engines, is really enjoyable and educational. I wish all the fire officers well and hope to see them all again at next years doors open day. “