George Calls on Tesco to Clean up Derelict Sites

For over 5 years, the sites of the old St Mirren ground and the GX Superbowl on Renfrew Road have lay empty and derelict after being purchased by Tesco. Despite initial plans to build a Tesco Supermarket at the Renfrew Road site, the billion pound global giant decided to pull the plug on the development, while plans for the St Mirren’s previous home have been even less clear.

George outside the old St Mirren ground on Love St

George outside the old St Mirren ground on Love St

Paisley’s MSP George Adam recently wrote Tesco, one of Europe’s biggest companies, raising concerns about the condition of the sites. Comment, George said, “For far too long, both these sites have lay empty and in a state of disrepair. From a selling standpoint, I think it would be in Tesco’s interest to make the sites look more pleasing to the eye. Especially the old St Mirren ground, anyone coming into our town from the airport sees this eyesore, it does not paint a great picture.

‘Further, I have asked what Tesco are doing to activity market both sites. Do they want to keep these sites on the asset column on their balance sheet, stopping another supermarket building in either site? This is a accusation levelled at Tesco before and they are certainly doing nothing to disprove this.

“As buddies, we have pride in our town. Entering Paisley via Love Street or Renfrew Road and you are greeted by large empty areas of land, giving off the wrong impression of our historic town. I would urge Tesco to firstly and at the very least, tidy these sites up and make them look less of an eyesore. Emblazed on the fence around the Renfrew Road site, a sign reads ‘Proudly Sponsored by Tesco’. I would not be proud if I owned a large piece of land and left it in that condition.

‘But more importantly, we want these sites developed and brought back into use. It is time Tesco used some of it’s billion pounds in wealth and either use these sites or sold them to someone with a desire to develop the land.”