George Calls for Action on Litter and Grass Cutting

George next to one of many paths across Paisley covered in grass cuttings

George next to one of many paths across Paisley covered in grass cuttings

With many parts of Paisley attracting an unwanted build-up of litter, coupled with overgrown grass and weeds, Paisley’s MSP George Adam has called upon Renfrewshire Council to take immediate action to deal with these issues.  Driving around Paisley at the moment, you constantly see long grass, often up to your knees, which does not appear to have been cut in months.  This in turn, is proving to be an easy dumping ground for litter and in some cases, fly tipping.


After asking a question the Scottish Parliament this week, George commented, “I asked the Scottish Government what it is doing to tackle fly-tipping.  Recently the fixed-penalty for fly-tipping has quadrupled, while the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 will allow the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to impose penalties of up to £40,000.  I was encouraged that in Cabinet Secretary answering my question, Richard Lochhead MSP joined me in calls for Renfrewshire Council to tackle fly-tipping and maintain a presence through the local warden’s service.


‘Unfortunately, the Labour administration in Renfrewshire Council has again cut the Street Scene budget, the department responsible for maintaining our streets and parks.  Now we are in a position where many areas of Paisley have grass growing up to your knees, looking as if it has not been cut for months.  This long grass provides the perfect cover for littering and fly-tipping.  Also, I have received numerous complaints that even after grass is cut, it is not collected and removed but often strewn across pavements and roads.


‘And I will not hear the same old excuses from Labour on the matter of the budget.  Many people may be unfamiliar with how the local governments are funded.  COSLA, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities agrees the funding formula which decides how much each council is given.  The leader of Renfrewshire Council, and the Labour group leader at COSLA, agreed to this funding formula, so let’s have no more of this nonsense.

Grass almost up to your knees is currently plotting the Paisley landscape

Grass almost up to your knees is currently blotting the Paisley landscape


‘The people of Paisley deserve better than dirty streets, uncut grass and weed covered pavements, not more Labour excuses, hiding the £14m a year they have to spend on their ill-conceived PFI school building project.  Let’s not forget as well the millions of pounds the council currently holds in reserve.  So I plead with the powers that be, to walk around Paisley, even the town centre, and ask yourself, it this good enough?