Employment High

GeorgeEmployment in Scotland is at a record high according to official figures.  The Office for National Statistics has shown that 2,585,000 people in Scotland are in employment – an increase of 29,000 over the last quarter.  Employment has not been so high in Scotland since records began in 1992.

Together with the Scottish Government’s Opportunities for All initiative, which guarantees education or training for everyone aged 16 to 19, Scotland is doing well but can do so much better.

Speaking on the release of the figures, George Adam said:

‘These results show that the Scottish Government is fighting against the austerity cuts coming from Westminster and delivering jobs.

‘We are doing this with control of only 15% of the taxes raised in Scotland.  That’s right, the Scottish Government only has access to 15% of the taxes raised in Scotland.  Imagine what we could do with the powers of a normal parliament with access to its resources.

‘Scotland is the 14th wealthiest nation in the world, more wealth per head than the UK France or Japan.

‘It is time that we were able to use our own resources and act like the 14th wealthiest nation in the world and have our social and economic priorities realised and not being driven by governments we don’t elect at Westminster.

‘In September we have a choice to make.  We can decide to keep our priorities or we can hand over power to the Tories at Westminster.  It is a simple choice.’


More information can be found here: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Scottish-employment-level-reaches-new-record-high-c7a.aspx