Local Businessman and MSP Push for Bus Station

Gary and George across from proposed entrance to the Paisley Bus StationA local business man is determined to improve his local area by establishing a bus station. Gary Kerr, Managing Director of an asset management and engineering consultancy has drawn up plans for a bus station which will form a transport hub; with Gilmour Street train station right next door and Glasgow Airport a short bus run away.

Speaking on the idea, George said:
‘I have known Gary for a number of years and I know how much he wants to ensure that Paisley can develop in to the sort of town that can be an example to all.

‘Through Gary’s engineering experience he has developed these plans for a bus station behind the old Arnott’s site in Gauze Street.

‘The idea seems perfect for the site, delivering people right in to the heart of Paisley for shopping, hopping on a train or plane. This is exactly the sort of transport infrastructure that Paisley requires.

Speaking on the plans Gary said:
‘For the past year George has helped me to push ahead with the plans for the station. We have been talking about it to the decision makers in Renfrewshire, including the council, but eventually I decided I would have to do the ground work and draw up plans to show the idea was not only viable, but a great chance to reinvigorate the town, joining up passengers on train, bus and plane.

‘I provided my plans to the council, but progress is slow. I publicly aired the plans on twitter and was amazed by the response; I have dozens of people wanting to establish a group to develop the idea in to a reality.

‘This is just one step to getting Paisley back where it belongs, as one of Scotland’s biggest and influential towns.’
Click here for link to EPM, Mr Kerr’s business

Parliament Bewitched by George’s Debate

Geogre with Fiona Hyslop MSp and members of Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697Yesterday, as members of the Scottish Parliament listened to the closing remarks of a debate in the parliament chamber, they turned around to the viewing gallery where they looked with amazement to see members of the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 enter dressed in full costume. They were there to see George Adam MSPs member’s debate regarding this project and the benefits it has had for our town.

Speaking after the debate, the first ever members debate to be held on a Tuesday, George said:

“I was delighted to welcome to parliament members of the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 and others involved in the project. I was able to secure a members debate after submitting a motion to parliament congratulating the project for the event which was staged in Paisley in June this year, while also highlighting the great benefit cultural events like this can have for any town in Scotland.

‘Liz Gardiner of Fablevision and one of the many people involved with the witch hunt has been keen to tell me how cultural planning can benefit towns around Scotland, picking up on a towns cultural assets, like the tale of the Paisley witches, and develop it into a event to bring people into our towns and showing the best we have to offer.

‘As I said in my speech, many people in Paisley know of the witch trials and the horse shoe marking the last resting place of the suspected witches on Maxwellton Street, but few were familiar with the whole story. So it is great that we have such an enthusiastic group of people here in our town willing to re-enact this piece of history.

‘I was delighted that the Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop MSP, was able to meet with the group after the debate to see the costumes close up and here a few extra pieces of the story. I would like to thank everyone that came through for the day, many of my colleagues commented on how seeing everyone in costume added to the debate, and hope that Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 goes from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing the event again next summer.

Motion which was debated during the member’s debate –

Motion S4M-03284: George Adam, Paisley, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 13/06/2012

Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697, Shining the Light for Community-based Events

That the Parliament congratulates the Paisley Development Trust and everyone involved with the event, Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697; notes that the event took place across Paisley town centre on 9 June 2012 and included storytelling and numerous re-enactments; praises all of the volunteers who gave up time to make what it considers to have been a great and successful day; thanks especially the 250 people who donned historical garments to make the re-enactments as authentic as possible and the estimated 1,000 people from Paisley and Renfrewshire who came out in force to support the day; considers that community-led events such as the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 are a great way to engage communities, bring people to towns, spark interest in local history and culture and, more generally, provide locally based and produced entertainment and enjoyment for towns as a whole, and believes that more events like this in cities, towns and villages across Scotland would be of great benefit to local communities and would highlight the talent and imagination of so many throughout the land.


Paisley MSP George Adam shocked at methadone costs in Renfrewshire

George Adam MSP A PAISLEY MSP last night insisted his own government must rethink how they tackle drug addiction after a shocking report revealed how much methadone programmes are costing in Renfrewshire.


SNP member George Adam, who represents the town at Holyrood, issued a passionate response to questions about money being spent on the controversial heroin substitute.


It followed publication of the results of an investigation by the Daily Record which revealed that £36million was being spent each year on the prescribed drug nationally.


The Record, which is published alongside the Paisley Daily Express, yesterday produced a five-page report on the controversial scheme operated by NHS Scotland.



Among the top 10 pharmacies for earnings from providing methadone services was one in Paisley. The Lloyds Pharmacy branch in High Street raked in a staggering £90,000 last year.


Mr Adam said: “I am shocked to learn Paisley has such an expensive methadone problem and I think it is now time to look at the way we are tackling drug addiction, because something is clearly not working.


“I’m reading stories about people who have been on methadone for 30 years and asking myself  ‘What good is that doing anyone?’


“If someone is on methadone for that long, something isn’t working in the system and that is what we absolutely must address and have a clear goal of ‘clean living’ when drug-users are off it altogether in the same way an alcoholic wouldn’t drink.”


Mr Adam, whose wife Stacey has MS, also believes that the queues of recovering addicts on the methadone programme each day have made Paisley pharmacies intimidating places for patients to visit.


He added: “It’s the elderly and unwell folk that I feel sorry for the most, because they need to use these pharmacies too and these people are there waiting for their methadone.


“I’m six-foot three and I can find it quite intimidating at times, so what must an older person feel like waiting for a prescription?


“I feel passionately about this because I’m talking from the heart and I see my wife, living with MS through no fault of her own, or others who have fallen ill through no fault of their own, needing the support of the health service while there are people on the methadone programme for decades, costing millions of pounds.


“I also know from living in the town that some of these people on the programme are simply using the methadone as a top-up for their other drugs and that completely defeats the purpose in the first place.


“I’m not saying the methadone programme doesn’t work but we need to have some sort of limit, because staying on the same programme with no real progress for four, five or six years is not on.”


Lloyds Pharmacy referred the Express calls to Community Pharmacy Scotland, which represents chemists in Scotland.


A spokesman said: “We support the Scottish Government’s strategy The Road to Recovery, which promotes a holistic approach encompassing both maintenance of drug abusers and providing more focus on detoxification and rehabilitation.


“Community Pharmacy Scotland has put forward proposals that would see the methadone maintenance programme currently used with significant success taken forward to provide a greater emphasis on detoxification.”

Article curtesy of the Paisley Daily Express.


“Sell Out Saturday” Would be a Big Boost to Saints

George outside St Mirren ParkGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, is leading the calls for Saints fans far and wide to make St Mirren’s first home game of the season against Inverness on Saturday 4th August a sell out.

George commented saying, “Let’s start the season the way we mean to continue. There is nothing better than sitting in a full stadium cheering on your local team. There are calls nationwide for supporters to get behind their club and make their first homes games sell outs. Not only will this create a cracking atmosphere, but give the club a much needed cash injection after a summer break.

‘We had a great season last year, we played some of the best football I’ve seen in years, owing much to Danny’s attacking style and players like Paul McGowan and Kenny McLean adding some flair to the midfield. I hope this continues this year and hope as many people as possible get along to St Mirren Park to support the team and enjoy the style of play.

George also welcomed today’s news that The Scottish Government is renewing its sponsorship of this year’s Scottish Communities League Cup – with part of the funding coming from the Cashback for Communities scheme.

Speaking on the announcement, George said, “It is great to see The Scottish Government supporting Scottish football once again with £1.7millon sponsorship of the Scottish Communities League Cup, £500,000 coming from the Cashback for Communities programme.

‘Cashback for Communities has already provided more than £12.5 million for football in Scotland and this extra money today is a clear sign of how highly The Scottish Government value the community work football clubs do.

‘The sponsorship funding will go towards getting more young people involved in sport and helping football league clubs become community sports hubs. We already have very successful sports hubs in Paisley and the work being done by St Mirren through the Street Stuff programme is testament to what can be done if we invest in our youth. “

Supermarkets Target Award Winners (Heading for 90 Years in Paisley!)

Award winning Paisley ice cream manufacturer, Porrelli’s, have been based in the town for almost 90 years. The successful family run company distributes their products throughout the country, as well as supplying many of the large supermarket chains, giving everyone a a chance to taste what the company has to offer.

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, visited the family establishment:

‘I was delighted to visit Enzo, his wife Ines, daughter Serena and the rest of the team that are making the Paisley business a success story.

‘Porrelli’s, based in Lacy Street, is one of the most impressive facilities that I have visited. Enzo was able to show me the results of the huge investment that he has made in to the business, not only showing great commitment to our town, but impressing the large supermarkets who have struck deals to get Porrelli’s ice cream on their shelves.

‘Having been provided with a small sample of their ice cream I can say it is a quality product, but one thing that really caught my eye was the range of flavours that the company has developed. Iron Brew, Scottish Tablet, Raspberry Pavlova, a truly brilliant Scot’s-Italian cross-over.

‘From what I’ve seen this business will continue to collect awards and be a beacon and an ambassador for Paisley.’

Company Director Enzo Durante said:

‘I am delighted that George took the time to come and see our purpose built factory and to meet the team here. Porrelli’s are committed to growing the business, securing employment for local people and then economic benefits that go along with it.’

Porrelli’s was established in Paisley in 1925, almost 90 years ago. The ice cream manufacturer has won numerous trade awards for their products including a Bronze award and a Special Diploma of Merit from the UK National Trade Awards.

Plaques Stolen from Historical Paisley Site

Plaques from a historical site marking a famous Paisley legal case that had repercussions around the world have been stolen. The plaques, one detailing a world conference in September 1990, held in Paisley on the law of negligence, the other telling the story of how the law of negligence was created due to an incident on that very site.

Speaking on the theft, George said:

‘It is ironic that two plaques, detailing a legal decision that reverberated around the world have been stolen. Just earlier this year I lodged a parliamentary motion highlighting the 80th anniversary of ‘the Snail Case’, one of the most famous cases in the world.

‘In 1932, May Donoghue and a friend visited Paisley’s Wellmeadow Café, where her friend bought her a bottle of Stevenson’s Ginger Beer, while drinking this, May discovered a partially decomposed snail which led to a legal case being raised against the manufacturer. This resulted in the decision of duty of care being established, which was taken up by legal systems around the world.

‘I would encourage anyone who has information on their whereabouts to contact the police. It may be that these plates have been stolen to order by someone interested in the legal system, or it could be someone looking to get money from the value of the metal. Whatever the case let’s do everything we can to get them back.’

Major Investment for Paisley

George boarding one of the old diesel trains which are to be replacedGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has welcomed the £12m joint investment from ScotRail and Network Rail to electrify the 8km rail line between Glasgow Central and Paisley Canal. The investment will see this stretch of line being the first to benefit from this new ‘alliance’ between both organisations.

Commenting on the announcement, George said:

“This is great news from the people of Paisley, like me, who use this line on a regular basis. You will normally catch me at Hawkhead Station at 6am on Wednesday and Thursday mornings on my way to parliament. As you will know, the current line has old diesel run trains traveling up and down it numerous times a day. This investment will mean that modern, electric trains will be traveling the line. These trains are much more comfortable and reliable, while they are much friendlier to our environment.

“On the back of the massive modernisation which has just been completed at Paisley Gilmour Street, this news further underlines the commitment from everyone involved in rail travel to modernise and improve our rail lines and services. I would like to congratulate ScotRail and Network Rail on this investment, to be completed by December, and eagerly wait traveling on these new comfortable trains on my way to parliament on cold winter mornings.”George at Paisley Canal Station

George Helps to ‘Pass it On’

National Transplant WeekNational Transplant Week has been recognised in the Scottish Parliament by Paisley’s MSP George Adam. The awareness week runs from the 9th of July until the 16th of this month, with the aim of getting people to talk about transplantation.

George said:

‘I lodged a parliamentary motion regarding the awareness week, in particular, to highlight the ‘Pass it On’ theme of this year’s campaign. This is to encourage everyone who has signed up to the Organ Donor’s register to talk with their family and friends, so that in the event of an accident a loved one’s wishes can be followed to donate their organs.

‘One of my friends was seriously ill a number of years ago. After receiving a kidney transplant I have been able to see the difference that this can make to someone’s life.

‘I realise that a transplant is only a form of treatment and not a cure, but this is the only option for so many people.

‘Research has shown that 90% of families agree to organ donation if a loved one has discussed their wishes. If these conversations are not done the level of organ donation drops to around 40%.

‘Every year over 1,000 people die before they have the chance to receive an organ. This is why this campaign is so important, and I would encourage anyone who has registered to discuss their wishes with their loved ones.’


Notes to Editors

George’s Parliamentary Motion.

Short Title: National Transplant Week 2012
S4M-03585 George Adam () (Scottish National Party):
That the Parliament recognises National Transplant Week, from 9 to 15 July 2012; understands that this year’s theme is Pass it On, encouraging people who have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register to tell their relatives and friends what they would like to happen in the event of their death; understands that 90% of families agree to organ donation if a loved one has registered and discussed their wishes, compared with 40% if donation wishes are not known, and regrets that over 7,500 people across the UK are waiting for an organ transplant at any one time and that around 1,000 of those die each year before receiving an organ transplant.

Link to the NTW website – http://www.transplantweek.co.uk/

Launch of Paisley’s Yes Campaign

Group photo of some of the people out supporting the Yes Campaign in PaisleyPaisley buddies were signing in the rain on Saturday, with the launch of the ‘Yes’ campaign for Scottish independence. Taking part in the event were representatives from different political parties, community activists and those with an interest in seeing Scotland making it’s own decisions.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam was present, helping to sign up people to the Yes Declaration.

Speaking on the event, George said:

‘The launch of Paisley’s Yes campaign was great, we had a crowd of people willing to help out and together we were able to collect hundreds of declarations from those that want Scotland to make its own choices. Quite remarkable considering the rain belting down on the streets of the town.

This launch is just the start and there are many more events being planned, with the positive vision of an independent Scotland, where nuclear weapons are removed from Scottish soil, illegal wars are not embarked on and Scotland’s resources benefit the people of Scotland, providing jobs, wealth and a nation that takes its place in the world on equal terms as other independent countries, the normal state of nations around the world.

For more information on the Yes Campaign go to www.yesscotland.net or contact George directly.

George Speaks in the Empty Property Relief Debate

George yesterday spoke on in the Local Government Debate on Empty Property Relief. Empty properties are a sight that blights our high street and George has and will work with any group to promote our town centre and make positive contributions in making this great town even better.

During the debate George commented: “There is potential to bring 5,500 properties back into use. The alternative is that, as Mr Brown (Conservative MSP) suggested, we do nothing and leave our town centres the way they are, with no hope or vision for the future. That is what the Tories constantly come up with. If we continue to do nothing, the cost and impact will be that, in 2012-13, £152 million will be used to subsidise empty shops. We will spend £152 million to keep shops and businesses closed. That is not right or correct in a modern and dynamic Scotland. What incentive does that give faceless absentee landlords on our high streets, who sit on properties while having no interest in town centre regeneration? Reform of empty property rates will revitalise our town centres and provide that incentive. It will work alongside other regeneration strategies and groups in our communities. It is important to our town centres and to our local economies, which work locally with the authorities and partner organisations to ensure that we can have vibrant and sustainable town centres.”

There are many positive groups in our town working to open up our town centre, injecting creativity and purpose which will benefit Paisley. If you wish to work with George in developing our town centre, do not hesitate to get in contact.

To view George’s full contribution to the debate and the full debate in its entirety, click here. George’s contribution is on page 10363.