Cabinet Secretary Congratulates Hunterhill Care Home Campaigners

Alex Neil, while still in his post as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing joined Paisley’s MSP George Adam in congratulating the campaigners who saved Hunterhill Care Home from closure. Speaking in parliament during Health and Wellbeing Questions, George asked the Cabinet Secretary about the importance of local authority care homes in the provision of caring for our older people. He then went on to ask the Cabinet Secretary his thoughts on Labour controlled Renfrewshire Council’s attempts to close Hunterhill Care Home with little consultation.George outside Paisley Museum

Commenting, George said, “As the Cabinet Secretary quite rightly said in his response to my question, I have sent a comment to the Paisley Daily Express. However this is not a comment for comments sake, we need to keep the pressure on Renfrewshire Council who have yet to guarantee the long-term future of Hunterhill Care Home. Mr Neil is clear that it is extremely important that in reshaping care for our elderly, we include care homes and that local authorities have an important role to play in this.

‘However, like me, he is keen to congratulate the campaigners who saved Hunterhill Care Home from closure. One of the most galling things to come out of the consultation process over the close of the care home was the distinct lack of consultation. Family, friends and staff all made me aware of the poor communication and consultation undertaken by the local authority. Then after performing a dramatic U-Turn, keeping the care home open and again allowing people waiting to move into the home, they extinguished the myth that there was not a need for these places.

‘I now call on Labour councillors to give us a cast iron guarantee that Hunterhill Care Home will remain open and residents will not again have their position in the home put in doubt.”