Brain Awareness Week

On Wednesday evening, as part of Brain Awareness week, George Adam joined people from across Scotland and representatives from the third sector, at a reception at the Scottish Parliament. The event was designed to raise awareness of neurological conditions across all ages and life stages. Hosted by the Neurological Alliance of Scotland, it brought together people with a range of neurological conditions, with the youngest participant aged just 2 years old.

Neurological Alliance

Neurological Alliance

The reception featured individual case studies and highlighted the importance of lifelong person-centred care and support. It also gave MSPs the opportunity to speak directly to individuals in Scotland affected by neurological conditions and to hear about the issues that matter to them.


In Scotland one million people live with a neurological condition that affects their daily life. Neurological conditions account for one in five emergency hospital admissions and one in eight GP consultations. A quarter of all disabled adults of working age have a neurological condition and the numbers of people with neurological conditions will grow sharply in the next two decades.


Living with a neurological condition can be a huge challenge for individuals and their families and friends. Neurological conditions are often complex, highly individual, and impact on several aspects of a person’s life. It’s important that everyone involved is able to access the NHS, care and community support that is right for them throughout their life with their condition.


The Neurological Alliance of Scotland is calling for person-centred care for life. We want people living with a neurological condition to be able to access the support that they need across every aspect of their lives and at every stage of living with their condition.


The Neurological Alliance of Scotland is a focused and purposeful forum of not-for-profit organisations and groups representing those affected by neurological conditions in Scotland. The Alliance was launched in 2004 to ensure that neurological services are given priority at all levels of health and social care planning. The Alliance enables neurological organisations/groups to campaign together and speak with an influential voice. The Alliance currently has 40 member organisations all of whom represent people with neurological conditions.

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Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.