Bedroom Tax Hits 2608 in Renfrewshire – But SNP Mitigating Impact


Following the publication of new figures which show that 2608 housing benefit claimants are affected in Renfrewshire, Paisley’s MSP George Adam has called on the UK Government to immediately abolish this unfair charge. The SNP remains committed to abolishing the Bedroom Tax when new social security powers in the Scotland Bill are devolved.

The Scottish Government has now committed £90 million since the introduction of the Bedroom Tax to ensure it is fully mitigated in Scotland.George Adam MSP

Commenting, George said:

“These figures highlight the shocking impact the Bedroom Tax could have had on families in Scotland – 2608 people in Renfrewshire would have otherwise been affected.

“Instead of the Scottish Government having to spend its ever decreasing budget, slashed year on year by the Tory UK Government, mitigating the bedroom tax, we could spend the money on things important to Paisley buddies. I have yet to meet one constituent who feels the bedroom tax is fair. Most of the people living in properties with an extra room did not ask for an extra room, so it is hardly fair to charge them for it.

“While families in England and Wales continue to face iniquitous charge, the SNP government has fully mitigated its impact in Scotland – something the Labour government in Wales has refused to do. The SNP has consistently opposed the Bedroom Tax and is committed to abolishing the levy when the Scottish Parliament has the powers to do so.

“The UK Government must recognise the impact of this hated levy on families across England and Wales and on public finances in Scotland. The simplest and fairest solution remains for the measure to be dropped by the DWP.

“When he sets out his spending plans later this month, George Osborne should use this as an opportunity to protect the poorest and abolish the Bedroom Tax.”