‘Bedroom Tax’ Attacked in Parliament


Westminster plans to remove housing benefit from anyone who has an extra bedroom has been attacked in Parliament.  Tory and Libdem plans to charge those least able to afford it have been branded ‘crazy’ by Paisley’s MSP George Adam.  This ‘Tax’ will see family homes being targeted if some of the family has moved out leaving an extra bedroom.  Plans include removing 14% of housing benefit from those with one extra bedroom, to 25% removal for those with two or more rooms.


 Speaking on the plans, George said:


 ‘I cannot underline the total ineptitude of these proposals.  Let’s take one example, if someone is on housing benefit it means they are not financially well off.  Then they are told to pay up for an extra room if they have one.  If they cannot afford this will local authorities throw them out?


 ‘This means they will be classed as homeless, with local authorities responsible to rehouse them.  So they waste money throwing them out, then having the responsibility to rehouse them.


 ‘No, that isn’t the end of it.  In Renfrewshire there are around 2,000 tenants that will be affected, with only 114 one bedroom homes available from the council.  I think everyone in their right mind agrees that 2,000 in to 114 does not go.  The downsizing is just not going to work.


 ‘This would sound like the script from a Carry On film if it were not so serious.


 ‘This is a direct attempt to target and punish those least able to defend themselves. 


 ‘This is Mr Cameron’s idea of the ‘Big Society’.


 ‘This is what we get with Westminster while Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister has promised to banish the  ‘Bedroom Tax’ in an independent Scotland.  Better Together?  Aye right.’