Be Prepared for the Cold Weather

George and Stacey wrapped up for the cold weatherAs Buddies left their houses this morning and had to spend a few minutes scrapping their cars, George Adam, Paisley’s MSP is urging that we all keep up-to-date with the weather reports and prepare for the freezing conditions which lie ahead.

George said, “We all know what the weather can be like at this time of year, which is why it is important to keep up to date with regular weather reports so as not to be caught short when the cold snap hits.

‘I think we can all remember 2010 when the weather conditions took a turn for the worse causing major disruption to our roads, railways and footpaths. While I hope we will not see anything like that this year, we all still need to be prepared.

‘Transport Scotland is fully integrated with the MET Office which helps them to keep us all informed of the weather and the risks it posses to our journeys via radio, their website ( and social media,

‘In addition, Transport Scotland now has 190 gritters patrolling our roads, while they have increased their stock of salt and alternative de-icers. All this goes along way to making sure that our roads are fit for use during the cold weather, however in extreme circumstances it may not be possible for you to make or continue your planned journey as the route could become impassable due to snow or ice. Report this immediately by calling the 24 hour Traffic Customer Care Line on 0800 028 1414.”