Post Office Must be Transparent About Paisley Closure Says Cabinet Secretary

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed support from the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, demanding that any changes proposed by the Post Office should be totally transparent with the public in Paisley.


The Post Office announced earlier this year that it was reviewing the Post Office in the Piazza with a possibility of moving the Post Office within WH Smith on the High Street.


George Outside Paisley Crown Post Office

George said:


‘ When I spoke to the Cabinet Secretary on Tuesday I was boosted by her commitment that transparency about the closure of the Post Office and its potential move.


‘I have already responded to the consultation stating my objection to the proposals.  Currently accessibility is a key issue.  The Piazza has parking within the complex and the town’s bus stops are right on their door.  Moving it to the High Street creates issues for those with mobility issues.


‘Stacey, my wife, is a wheelchair user and I can tell you from personal experience that using a wheelchair or pushing someone using a wheelchair up the gradient from the Piazza to WH Smiths is no easy task.  There is no parking at the WH Smiths store either.


‘But there is a wider issue.  How can the largest town in Scotland not have the capacity for a Crown Post office?


‘And then we have the banks that have closed in Paisley, some of them mainly state owned, telling us that we can bank at the local post office.


‘Maintaining footfall for other businesses should be looked at when removing a Crown Post Office.


‘Something is far wrong.  I have yet to meet a single person that is happy about these proposals or is happy about the information they have been provided with.


‘The Post Office are trying to say this is due to costs but when asked about the costs for the Paisley Post Office they refuse to answer.  How can they use an argument that they refuse to provide the information for.  This negates their argument totally.


‘I look forward to hearing the response from the Post Office after their consultation and hearing if the people of Paisley have been listened to’.