Labour MSPs Vote With Tories Against Care Workers Living Wage And Attainment Funding

Labour MSPs have faced criticism after joining with the Tories to vote against a Living Wage for care workers and increased investment in tackling the attainment gap in the Scottish Parliament this week.

At Stage 3 of the Budget (Scotland) Bill this week, Labour MSPs voted against the Scottish Government package – which will deliver an additional £80 million of funding available to raise attainment, provide funding to local authorities to pay the Living Wage to care workers and record funding for Scotland’s NHS.

George outside Paisley Abbey

George outside Paisley Abbey

Commenting, Paisley’s MSP George Adam said:

“This is a budget which delivers funding for Renfrewshire Council to deliver the Living Wage to local care workers and which invests even more in tackling the attainment gap between rich and poor in our schools – and the idea that Labour MSPs would join with the Tories to vote against these progressive measures simply beggars belief.

“With care workers and children from deprived backgrounds in Paisley set to benefit from this Budget – Labour MSPs will have to answer to people in Paisley for their decision.

“It’s clear that Labour aren’t remotely interested in doing what’s best for Paisley – they’re far more concerned with launching failing party political attacks against the SNP and trumpeting their unworkable, bag of a fag packet policies which they have absolutely no intention of delivering.

“In contrast, the SNP in government is getting on with the job of delivering for Scotland – with a budget protecting public services in the face of Tory austerity, making our country fairer by tackling the attainment gap, and delivering a pay-rise for low-paid workers rather than a tax-rise.

“With the election just weeks away, this is a Budget the SNP can be proud to stand on – and the Labour Party will have to explain its decision to once again stand side by side with the Tories.”