100% Fare Increase not Acceptable

George outside Paisley AbbeyToday [11/1/13] George Adam, Paisley’s MSP has written to the Managing Director of McGill’s Buses, highlighting the concerns raised by many Paisley Buddies about the recent fare increase. On top of this, George also made Mr Roberts aware of reports of slow buses travelling along Paisley routes at night and buses pulling out into traffic when leaving bus stops.

Commenting, George said, “I have been made aware that a return ticket from Foxbar to the Paisley Cross has increased from £1.50 to £3.10. This is not acceptable. When McGill’s took over Arriva, many people were concerned about the impact this would have on our local bus service. McGill’s gave a commitment to not increase prices in 2012, however to make such a dramatic increase to a return ticket on the first day many people went back to work, 7th January, is not how I would wish my customers a happy New Year.

‘Further, I have made Mr Roberts aware of concerns that many buses are travelling well below the speed limit at night, while also stopping for prolonged spells at bus stops. After a long day at work, I think we all want to get home as fast a possible and not be stuck on a slow bus, idling at a bus stop for a period.

‘In addition, I have highlighted the concerns of many drivers who are fed up with buses pulling out into traffic with seemingly no concern for the cars coming along side them. While this is not a Paisley specific problem, I feel action has to be taken before a serious accident occurs. Hence I have asked Mr Roberts to investigate all these matters and take urgent action.”