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Tory Government Trident Cover Up A Dangerous And Worrying Precedent

                                                                                                Who Knew What About Missile Test Failure?

George outside Paisley Museum
Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has condemned the UK government for withholding details of a serious malfunction in a Trident test launch last June – just weeks before the vote to renew Trident to the tune of £205bn.


It has been widely reported that during a test launch, an unarmed Trident missile had fired in the wrong direction towards the US coastline. The major failure was not shared publicly ahead of the vote on renewal.


Commenting, George said: “It is deeply worrying that just weeks before the House of Commons voted to renew Trident, the UK government chose to withhold vital information about a serious Trident missile malfunction that raised doubts about the safety of the technology. “Each time a missile is tested it costs the taxpayer £17m, and these latest reports demonstrate that not only is Trident obscenely expensive but it is potentially unreliable and unsafe.


“The SNP will continue to hold the UK government to account for their lack of transparency and press them for answers on this.”

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Scotland Must Choose Its Own Future If All Attempts To Compromise Rejected

Yesterday The Prime Minister made it clear the UK is heading for an economically disastrous hard Brexit.

Nearly seven months since the referendum – the Scottish Government is still the only administration to publish a detailed plan on how to deal with Brexit and the economic, social, democratic and cultural risks associated with it.

Scotland voted overwhelming to remain in the EU and the Scottish Government is doing all it can to make sure the Tories cannot ignore and act against Scotland’s interests.

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Commenting, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said:


“Theresa May today confirmed that she plans to take the UK towards an economically dangerous hard Brexit. The Prime Minister has chosen to pander to the obsessions of the hard-right of her Tory party, rather than act in the best interests of the country.


“Today’s speech made it clear she’s looking at  replacing our membership of the single market with a low wage, de-regulated economy that would see a race to the bottom – leaving everyone worse off as a result.


“If the Tories get away with dragging Scotland out of the EU and the Single Market they’ll think they can get away with anything.


“The Scottish Government has published compromise proposals that will keep Scotland in the Single Market and the Tories at Westminster must now show they are taking these plans seriously.


“The  Tory government must not be able to take Scotland out of the EU and the single market, regardless of the impact on our economy, jobs, living standards and our reputation as an open, tolerant country, without Scotland having the ability to choose between that and a better future.”

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SNP Taking Action to Reduce Nuisance Calls in Paisley

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, to Raise Problem With Nuisance Calls Commission.

 George Adam has pledged to support Scottish Government efforts to cut down on nuisance calls – after it was announced that a new commission is meeting this week to tackle the issue in Scotland.

 Nuisance calls can be particularly disruptive for vulnerable people across Paisley, causing distress and even financial hardship – sometimes leaving people too scared to even answer their phone.

 George plans to raise the problem of nuisance calls in Paisley with the Nuisance Calls Commission, and invites any constituents plagued by cold calls to get in touch.

 George outside Paisley Museum

George said:

 “Cold calling can be very distressing, particularly for vulnerable people across Paisley – and can go as far as causing financial hardship and even leave people too scared to answer their phones.

 “The Scottish Government has been taking action to prevent nuisance calls, and this new Nuisance Calls Commission will help give individuals and businesses more power to stop cold calling, whilst exploring if stronger regulation is necessary.

“I intend to raise the issue of nuisance calls in Paisley with the Commission – and invite any concerned individuals to get in touch to talk about their experience.

 “The Commission is an important step in helping to tackle the problem. Whilst the UK government announcement on banning pensions cold calling is welcome, more can be done to protect individuals – and the Scottish Government intends to use newly devolved powers to do what it can to prevent nuisance calls, whilst urging the UK government to do more and to work with them to take concerted action.”


George Serious Paisley Town Hall

Paisley’s MSP Condemns Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

Announcements Show Brexit “Will Hit Poorest Hardest”


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam has condemned the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – which drove home the fact that Brexit and continuing austerity will hit poorest families hardest.


Philip Hammond revealed the staggering level of borrowing needed to fill the Brexit blackhole in government finances and failed to halt the Tories’ austerity onslaught – policies that have proven so damaging to families and communities throughout Paisley.

 George Serious Paisley Town Hall

The Chancellor announced a rise in insurance premiums which will mean rising costs for hard pressed families in Paisley. The Autumn Statement came alongside forecasts from the OBR, predicting consumers will be squeezed by the rising cost of exports due to a weak pound caused by Brexit – which will hit family budgets in supermarkets and shops across Paisley.


The retailer, Mothercare, and former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King have both warned this week of expected price rises of around 5% in children’s clothes and groceries due to Brexit.


Commenting, George said:


“The Chancellor has just proved that this UK government simply does not care for working families across Paisley – with the full impact of Brexit yet to come.


“We are already seeing the impact of leaving the EU hitting consumers, with OBR figures showing that the rising cost of imports due to a fall in the value of Sterling will cause prices of products to rise in our supermarkets and shops – as industry leaders have warned in recent weeks. Insurance premiums are also on the rise – yet another UK government policy that will hit the poorest hardest.


“The Chancellor has completely failed to protect those on low incomes – continuing with the failed austerity onslaught that has been deeply damaging to families and communities across Paisley. Think-tanks and charities have rightly condemned this, with lower earnings, benefit cuts and higher costs providing a bleak outlook for people throughout Paisley – and this is before the full impact of Brexit is felt.


“We already know that Brexit could cost up to 80,000 jobs in Scotland and take £11.2 billion from our economy every year – and the Chancellor has not done enough to help prevent this happening, or to fill the forecasted £220 billion Brexit black hole.


“Piecemeal offerings from Philipp Hammond have been more than offset by the deeply damaging impact of this Tory government’s policies – and people across Paisley will be feeling the effects of the Tories’ regressive policies for a long time to come.”


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Paisley’s MSP Backs SNP Stimulus In Brexit Aftermath

George Adam has backed the Scottish Government’s commitment to stimulate the economy with new infrastructure funding in the wake of the EU referendum.


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced an additional £100m of funding in this financial year to speed up the delivery of health and other infrastructure projects – as well as the establishment of a new service to provide information and support to businesses affected by the EU referendum.


Projects will be assessed for accelerated funding against a range of criteria including how quickly work can start, the number of jobs that will be supported or created, the likely impact on the supply chain and geographic spread.deputy-first-minister2 (1)


George has called on the UK Government to urgently announce its own economic stimulus package, which would enable the Scottish Government to do even more to accelerate capital spending to support communities in Paisley and across Scotland.


Commenting, George said:


“Nicola Sturgeon has been clear that the Scottish Government will pursue all possible options to protect Scotland’s relationship with the EU.


“But in the meantime we must do all we can to ensure that our economy doesn’t suffer, hitting jobs and investment in Paisley and across the country.


“It’s up to the UK Government to match the Scottish Government’s ambition and begin fixing this mess of their own making. Theresa May must take meaningful action to alleviate uncertainty and announce a UK wide stimulus, allowing the Scottish Government to do even more to secure jobs in Paisley and beyond.”

George Adam MSP

Students Standing in Solidarity Against Unfair Tory Policies

UK Government Must Re-think “Wrong-headed” Post-study Work Visa Ban

The SNP has today reiterated its call for the UK Government to abandon its regressive, anti-immigration policies and to restore the post-study work visa – as students in Scotland take part in a day of solidarity with international students.

SNP MSP George Adam has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament to recognise today as a day of solidarity with international students – and demanding a new evidence-based approach from the UK Government.

The Scottish Government has consistently made the case for the re-introduction of the post-study work visa – which allows international graduates to continue to contribute to Scotland’s economy and society after their studies. This has been backed by each of Scotland’s colleges and by organisations and businesses across Scotland.

George Adam MSP

Commenting, Mr Adam said:

“The Tory’s regressive, wrong-headed approach to immigration is threatening Scotland’s reputation as a place to study and work – and I am pleased to see students in Scotland standing in solidarity with their international friends and colleagues against the unfair approach of the UK Government.

“But by scrapping the post-study work visa, this Tory government is essentially telling highly skilled foreign graduates that they are not welcome to continue contributing to our country – which isn’t just morally wrong, but is incredibly harmful to our economy.

“The case for the reintroduction of the post-study work visa is unanswerable. The UK Government must urgently rethink its flawed approach and make clear that Scotland is open for business – and that we welcome the outstanding and continuing contribution our international students can make to our economy and our society.”

Below is the parliamentary motion yesterday lodged by George. 

That the Parliament recognises 17th November as the NUS International Students’ Campaign Day of Solidarity; notes that the campaign expresses dissatisfaction with the UK Government’s immigration policies and their impact on international students; wishes the students well in their expression of solidarity and reiterates its call for the UK Government to abandon its negative attitude towards immigration which it considers is harmful to Scotland socially and economically, and to re-introduce the post-study work visa.

George Abbey New

Cameron’s Attack on Young Unemployed Branded ‘Grossly Irresponsible’

Reports in the Sunday Times [28/9/14] that David Cameron is set to announce a package of welfare cuts targeted at young people have been branded ‘grossly irresponsible’ today.

The Sunday Times reveals that people between 18 and 21 are to be barred from claiming either jobseeker’s allowance or housing benefit, leaving a potentially catastrophic gap in support for young people who face difficulties at the start of their careers.George Abbey New

Meanwhile young people between 16 and 21 who are out of work for over six months will be forced to do ‘community work’ in order to receive benefits.

In Scotland, youth unemployment has fallen from 91,000 to 65,000 over the last two years and the Scottish Government has set a target of providing 30,000 Modern Apprenticeships a year by 2020.

The most recent labour market statistics showed that at 55.6 per cent, Scotland has a higher youth employment rate than the 51.6 per cent rate for the UK as a whole and that the youth unemployment rate has decreased by 2.9 percentage points over the year.

The Scottish Government has repeatedly called on the UK Government to fully adopt the EU’s Youth Guarantee, which would ensure an opportunity of a job, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship for every under 25 within four months of becoming unemployed – but the UK Government has refused.

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam said:

“These punitive plans are grossly irresponsible and are far more about raising cheers on the Tory backbenches than any serious effort to address youth unemployment.

“Young people need opportunities, not the threat of being cut adrift if youth unemployment is to be tackled.

“With the limited powers of the Scottish Parliament, the SNP has a strong track record of leading the way on supporting our young people into work, training or education.

“That success has come thanks to our focus on positive action, not headline grabbing attacks on young people and we are on course to deliver 30,000 modern apprenticeships by 2020.

“We have repeatedly called on the UK Government to fully adopt the European Union’s Youth Guarantee – which would transform the lives of thousands of young people in Scotland alone.

“If David Cameron was serious about addressing youth unemployment, he should be looking to Scotland rather than his party’s most rabid voices.”

Notes: David Cameron’s plans can be viewed on page 7 of the Sunday Times 28/9/14.

George Looks Towards Fairer Welfare System in an Independent Scotland

George Adam MSPPaisley’s MSP George Adam has joined Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in slamming the Tory UK Government for the increased amount of benefit sanctions being handed out to job seekers. While asking a question of the Deputy First Minister about how we would reform welfare in an independent Scotland, George went on to ask if she shared his concerns about the current changes to the welfare system.

Commenting George said, “The Deputy First Minster rightly pointed out that we want a welfare system in an independent Scotland that is fair and does everything possible to help people into work but which also provides a decent, civilised safety net for people when they need it. I do not want this current system which is making an ever increasing number of my constituents come to me for help and advice after they have had their benefits sanctioned. This is no coincidence, the increase in the number of sanctions if not happening for no reason, it’s happening as a result of the Westminster dogma to cut back on welfare spending, no matter the cost to real people with real families to support and real bills to pay.

‘I have had constituents come to my office after having their benefits sanctioned and they have not even been told what for. They then need to wait weeks after submitting an appeal to find out, no surprise here, that the appeal has been rejected. This leaves them with no money what so ever or having to reply on hardship payments. One of the most staggering things I have noticed is that the DWP staff seem to be getting told from on high to push people towards food banks. The reason food banks are on the rise is due to, among other things, benefit sanctions. Isn’t it perverse that the rise in use of food banks is being used by the UK Government as almost an alternative to getting Job Seekers Allowance?

‘I’ve had more than one constituent come and tell me that they have had their benefit sanctioned because they attended a job interview instead of signing on. I’ve had people not able to afford to go to job interviews because they have no money to get there or to buy the shirt and trousers that they need to feel presentable when attending interviews.

‘The vast majority of people on Job Seekers Allowance understand they have to look for employment to gain their benefit, however the Tories seem to be looking for every and any way to hinder instead of help people into work. Scotland is a rich country; we should not be treating our citizens in such a way. We can and will do a better job with the full powers of independence.”