George sending out his 2104 Christmas Cards

George Gets the Christmas Post Ready

The Royal Mail is facing its busiest week. This is when all the Christmas post is being delivered, cards and parcels to loved ones across the country and beyond. Workers across Scotland will be doing everything in their power to get the mail delivered to businesses, friends and loved ones at this time of year.

George sending out his 2104 Christmas Cards

Paisley’s MSP has also been delivering his Christmas cards across the town.

George said:

‘Everyone appreciates the hard work conducted by everyone in the Royal Mail to get the Christmas deliveries out.

‘My postbag grows considerably in and out of the office at this time of year.

‘This year I have posted hundreds of cards to my friends and family.

‘I always like to show winter scenes of Paisley on my cards and this year is no exception. Cards depicting the Coats Memorial Church and Paisley Abbey will be going through the doors of many people showing some of the special places in our town.

‘I would like to remind everyone that the last posting dates for second class mail is Thursday the 18th of December, first class is Saturday the 20th of December.

‘I wish everyone in Paisley and beyond a happy Christmas’.

George Serious Paisley Town Hall

Murphy Plans Reintroduction of Controversial ‘Blairite’ Policy


Labour leadership candidate Jim Murphy is facing criticism today – after proposing the reintroduction of a controversial teaching reform associated with the Blairite faction of his party.

The plan to reintroduce chartered teachers status – which it has been said “underlines his [Murphy’s] reputation as a Blairite…” would see the reintroduction of a policy which was widely criticised as creating a two tier teaching system and which was abolished by the SNP in government.

George Serious Paisley Town Hall

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam said:

“Jim Murphy lacks credibility on these issues. He talks about access and attainment but people remember when Labour voted to introduce tuition fees and he has, of course, also refused to commit his party to continued free university education in Scotland.

“In contrast, just this week, the SNP Government announced further investment to help reduce barriers to learning experienced by pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds through the Access to Education fund.

“While attainment in Scottish schools is good, and improving, we must continue to do all we can within the powers and resources to narrow that attainment gap and drive up standards at all levels – but people in Scotland are clear that the type of Blairite policies favoured by Jim Murphy simply aren’t the answer.

“With Jim Murphy’s nakedly Blairite agenda now completely exposed, it is absolutely no wonder that the Labour leadership contest is turning dirty as the candidates line up to tear each other apart.

“In contrast, under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, SNP membership has soared past the 92,000 mark and the party is riding high in the opinion polls – as young people in particular turn away from a Labour party which simply doesn’t represent their interests.”


Jim Murphy’s announcement is reported in today’s Scotland on Sunday.

A poll showing SNP support of 48 per cent – compared to 14 per cent for Labour – amongst 18 to 24 year olds can be found by clicking here.

George outside Paisley Museum

Cabinet Secretary Congratulates Hunterhill Care Home Campaigners

Alex Neil, while still in his post as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing joined Paisley’s MSP George Adam in congratulating the campaigners who saved Hunterhill Care Home from closure. Speaking in parliament during Health and Wellbeing Questions, George asked the Cabinet Secretary about the importance of local authority care homes in the provision of caring for our older people. He then went on to ask the Cabinet Secretary his thoughts on Labour controlled Renfrewshire Council’s attempts to close Hunterhill Care Home with little consultation.George outside Paisley Museum

Commenting, George said, “As the Cabinet Secretary quite rightly said in his response to my question, I have sent a comment to the Paisley Daily Express. However this is not a comment for comments sake, we need to keep the pressure on Renfrewshire Council who have yet to guarantee the long-term future of Hunterhill Care Home. Mr Neil is clear that it is extremely important that in reshaping care for our elderly, we include care homes and that local authorities have an important role to play in this.

‘However, like me, he is keen to congratulate the campaigners who saved Hunterhill Care Home from closure. One of the most galling things to come out of the consultation process over the close of the care home was the distinct lack of consultation. Family, friends and staff all made me aware of the poor communication and consultation undertaken by the local authority. Then after performing a dramatic U-Turn, keeping the care home open and again allowing people waiting to move into the home, they extinguished the myth that there was not a need for these places.

‘I now call on Labour councillors to give us a cast iron guarantee that Hunterhill Care Home will remain open and residents will not again have their position in the home put in doubt.”

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Scotland Welcomes its New First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland today welcomes its new First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon as Alex Salmond stands down after seven and a half years at the helm of the country. Emotional scenes in the Scottish Parliament yesterday seen Mr Salmond applauded in the chamber and cheered as he left the parliament for one last time as First Minister. With Nicola Sturgeon becoming the first female to lead the SNP, she now becomes the first female to the lead the Scottish Government.

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Speaking on the significant day in the history of the Scottish Parliament, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, commented, “It’s a sad day to no longer see Alex as First Minister of Scotland. Many of the 16 and 17 year olds voting in the election might not fully remember Scotland without him as First Minister. However, in his place steps one of the best politicians of her generation, Nicola Sturgeon.

‘I have known Nicola since our teenage years, spent in the Young Scottish Nationalists, now the Young Scots for Independence. Even in those early days, you could just tell she was going to go far. A more committed person to social justice and equality you will not meet. As the most prominent politician in the Yes campaign, she took us within inches of securing a Yes vote.

‘Now as leader of our great nation, could she be the one to deliver a Yes vote in the future, should the public demand another vote? We have all watched Nicola over the past seven and a half years in her role as Deputy First Minister. The team of Alex and Nicola has seen off 3 Labour leaders, 2 Tory leaders and 3 leaders of the Lib Dems. Her longevity at the forefront of Scottish politics in this day and age shows how capable she has been at doing her job effectively. I feel this is evidence enough to point to the fact that she will go on to be a great First Minister of our country.”

George sma shot portrait

Support the Paisley BID

With voting ending on the 13th November in the ballot for the Paisley Business Improvement District, Paisley’s MSP has urged local businesses to vote Yes. Speaking in parliament George was keen to highlight the potential benefits which a BID could have for Paisley. Initially aided by £20,000 of grant support from the Scottish Government, the Paisley BID would be the 8th in Scotland.
George sma shot portrait

George said, “I have supported the BID right from the start, seeing the benefits it would have for our great town. With the closing date for voting less than a week away, I would urge anyone who hasn’t yet voted to mark a cross in the Yes box, which would see Paisley vote Yes for the second time this year.

‘In a recent speech at Holyrood, I spoke about the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan one year on from its launch. There has been many great initiatives developed, including the Town Centre First Principle which seeks to keep our public bodies like local authorities and health board using buildings in the centre of our towns. I believe this principle would have seen the Russell Institute remaining in use, instead of going through years of closure. Thankfully, thanks to the Paisley Development Trust and £2m of Scottish Government funding, it is to be brought back into use.

‘Another key theme of the Town Centre Action Plan is to build homes in our town centre. Again, Paisley has greatly benefitted from Scottish Government money as we see with the two development next to the Abbey. This all ties in with the BID. Local businessmen and women will be directing the agenda for business in Paisley. The people who know most about retail in our town, those who work in the sector, will help to shape the future direction of our town centre by being part of the BID.

‘Local Government Minister and Renfrewshire North MSP Derek MacKay who delivered the £20,000 grant support to the Paisley BID noted in parliament recently that the BID would offer support to the retail sector, promote art, cultural, historical, social and educational opportunities, bring more events to the town centre and ‘locate Paisley as a serious visitor destination.’ I would like to congratulate all those involved in the BID process and look forward to working with them all in the future.”