Glasgow Airport (2)

Passengers Numbers At Record High At Glasgow And Edinburgh Airports

SNP Will Continue To Take Action To Support Airports And Grow The Scottish EconomyGlasgow Airport (2)


The SNP has highlighted new figures that have shown both Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport achieving record passenger numbers for June, proving the success of the Scottish Government in promoting Scotland as a destination for tourism and business.


Glasgow Airport handled nearly 950,000 passengers during the month, whilst Edinburgh recorded the busiest ever June for a Scottish airport with nearly 1.2 million passengers. The number of people coming to Scotland shows how well regarded Scotland is as a destination for business and tourism.


MSP for Paisley, George Adam, commented: “These figures are very welcome news for the Scottish economy as we enter the summer months. It shows that people from across the world see Scotland as a fantastic destination to visit and enjoy both as tourists and in which to do business.


“Businesses come here because of our highly skilled workforce and strong economic community – whilst tourists are always keen to take advantage of our beautiful landscapes, lively cities and the warm welcome they receive.


“The SNP government has been an excellent driving force behind showing Scotland as an excellent destination, and with plans to reduce Air Passenger Duty to make it easier for business and tourists to come to Scotland, passenger numbers will continue to soar.”

George in Paisley Town Centre

Paisley’s MSP Welcomes Fall in Number of Teenage Pregnacies

Drop in Renfrewshire Part of Nationwide PictureGeorge in Paisley Town Centre


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has welcomed the fall in the number of teenage pregnancies across Renfrewshire, following the release of latest figures by the Information Services Division.


The number of people under 16 who became pregnant in Renfrewshire between 2012 and 2014 has dropped from 39 to 34.


Commenting on the figures, George said: “These latest figures show a welcome drop in the number of teens becoming pregnant across Renfrewshire – and reflect the dedicated work of education, health and community services.


“The Scottish Government published its ‘pregnancy and parenthood in young people’ strategy in March, aimed at addressing the fundamental causes of pregnancy in young people by considering wider factors that are central in supporting young people – such as education, attainment, training and employment.


“This work will continue – with a focus on ensuring services are putting young people at the centre of decision making and helping them to reach their potential as individuals, and where appropriate, as parents.”

George outside the A&E Dept at the RAH

Paisley’s MSP Backs New Organ Donor Register Campaign, ‘We Need Everybody’

George outside the A&E Dept at the RAH

George outside the A&E Dept at the RAH

TV Advert Launched to Encourage People to Sign up to The Life-Saving Register


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam has called on constituents living in Paisley to join the NHS Organ Donor Register following the launch of a new TV publicity campaign by NHS Scotland.


The ‘We Need Everybody’ campaign is seeking to highlight that anyone can be an organ donor, and that by having more people on the Register, more lives can be saved across the country.


Currently less than one percent of deaths in Scotland occur when the person is able to donate their organs, which is why it is vital that more people sign up to the NHS register.


George commented: “This is an important campaign – one which will help save lives in Paisley and across Scotland.


“Signing up to the Organ Donor Register could not be easier – and I would encourage my constituents to spare the two minutes that it takes to sign up and join the 43% of Scots currently registered.


“The We Need Everybody campaign is about driving home the fact that everybody has it in them to save a life. The Organ Donor Register is a vital resource for our NHS – and with 540 people currently waiting for a life-saving transplant, it is as vital a time as ever to sign up and help save a life.”


People can sign up to the Organ Donor Register at


The full TV advert from the publicity campaign is available at

George Outside Paisley Crown Post Office

Post Office Must be Transparent About Paisley Closure Says Cabinet Secretary

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed support from the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, demanding that any changes proposed by the Post Office should be totally transparent with the public in Paisley.


The Post Office announced earlier this year that it was reviewing the Post Office in the Piazza with a possibility of moving the Post Office within WH Smith on the High Street.


George Outside Paisley Crown Post Office

George said:


‘ When I spoke to the Cabinet Secretary on Tuesday I was boosted by her commitment that transparency about the closure of the Post Office and its potential move.


‘I have already responded to the consultation stating my objection to the proposals.  Currently accessibility is a key issue.  The Piazza has parking within the complex and the town’s bus stops are right on their door.  Moving it to the High Street creates issues for those with mobility issues.


‘Stacey, my wife, is a wheelchair user and I can tell you from personal experience that using a wheelchair or pushing someone using a wheelchair up the gradient from the Piazza to WH Smiths is no easy task.  There is no parking at the WH Smiths store either.


‘But there is a wider issue.  How can the largest town in Scotland not have the capacity for a Crown Post office?


‘And then we have the banks that have closed in Paisley, some of them mainly state owned, telling us that we can bank at the local post office.


‘Maintaining footfall for other businesses should be looked at when removing a Crown Post Office.


‘Something is far wrong.  I have yet to meet a single person that is happy about these proposals or is happy about the information they have been provided with.


‘The Post Office are trying to say this is due to costs but when asked about the costs for the Paisley Post Office they refuse to answer.  How can they use an argument that they refuse to provide the information for.  This negates their argument totally.


‘I look forward to hearing the response from the Post Office after their consultation and hearing if the people of Paisley have been listened to’.

George outside Paisley Museum

Latest Homelessness Statistics Show Progress

Local Drop In Number Of Applications Part Of Improving Nationwide Picture


Paisley’s MSP has welcomed the latest national homelessness statistics, with figures showing an improved picture across Scotland. The statistics were released in the Scottish Government publication ‘Homelessness in Scotland: 2015/16’, and showed a 4% fall nationwide.


Encouraging progress was also made in ensuring people were able to make applications for homelessness before they slept rough, with the number of applications where sleeping rough had happened at least once in the three months prior to that application being made falling by 7% across Scotland. The number of people sleeping rough the night prior to their homelessness application also made a year on year fall.


The SNP in government is working hard with local authorities across Scotland to help tackle homelessness, with the progress being made against a backdrop of Westminster austerity. These latest figures are evidence of the Scottish Government’s success in these efforts.

George outside Paisley Museum

George commented:


“These latest figures show that progress is being made in the Scottish Government’s efforts to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society.


“While the fall is very much welcome, it’s important that these efforts continue. I’m glad that the Scottish Government is committed to this.


“Ensuring that people are able to access help before resorting to rough sleeping is of vital importance. It is good to see that progress is also being made in reducing rough sleeping.


“Given the impact of callous and damaging austerity policies on vulnerable people by the Tory Government at Westminster, the SNP Scottish Government’s ongoing efforts to support the vulnerable when they most need it are welcome and are helping to bring about a positive change in people’s lives.”

Tom Arthur MSP, Derek MacKay MSP, George Adam MSP & Gavin Newlands MP

MSP Votes To Back Scotland’s Place In Europe

Paisley’s Decision To Remain Must Be Respected

Tom Arthur MSP, Derek MacKay MSP, George Adam MSP & Gavin Newlands MP

Tom Arthur MSP, Derek MacKay MSP, George Adam MSP & Gavin Newlands MP


Paisley’s MSP has joined with colleagues from across the Scottish Parliament in uniting behind the First Minister’s efforts to keep Scotland in the European Union – voting to give the Scottish Government a mandate to commence discussions with EU institutions and members states.


At Decision Time on Tuesday, MSPs voted overwhelmingly by 92 votes to 0 in favour of a Scottish Government motion in favour of exploring options to protect Scotland’s EU membership – with only the Scottish Tories withholding support.


Commenting, George said:


“Last week, the people of Paisley made their voice heard in no uncertain terms – and I was proud to join MSPs across the parties to cast my vote in the Scottish Parliament to make clear that their decision should be respected.


“That Ruth Davidson and the Tories could not find it within themselves to back this common-sense position in unison with the rest of the Parliament shows just how far they are willing to go to defend their colleagues in the UK Government – throwing Scotland under the bus in the process.


“Over the last few days, Nicola Sturgeon is the only politician in the UK who has shown any leadership whatsoever – and it is entirely right that MSPs have given her this overwhelming mandate to make Scotland’s case directly to EU institutions and member states.


Our national Parliament spoke with a strong and united voice – making absolutely clear that Paisley’s vote must be respected and Scotland’s place in Europe must be protected.


“In doing so, the First Minister has made clear that no option is off the table – and the SNP in government will do everything we can to ensure that Scotland maintains its place in the European family of nations, rather than being dragged out against our will by a right-wing Tory party which now finds itself in complete disarray.”

George with his Renfrewshire Colleagues,
Derek MacKay MSP, Gavin Newlands MP and Tom Arthur MSP

George Speaks to EU Nationals in Paisley: You’re Welcome Here

Paisleys MSP has told EU nationals in Paisley that “you remain welcome here” after Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union.

Renfrewshire voted to Remain in the EU by 64.8% – alongside every other local authority area in Scotland.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made clear that it would be a “democratic outrage” for Scotland to now be dragged out of the EU against its will.

The Scottish Government is now exploring all options to protect Scotland’s relationship with Europe.

George with his Renfrewshire Colleagues, Derek MacKay MSP, Gavin Newlands MP and Tom Arthur MSP

George with his Renfrewshire Colleagues,
Derek MacKay MSP, Gavin Newlands MP and Tom Arthur MSP

Commenting, George said:

“Paisley, like the rest of Scotland, voted to remain within the EU – a vote to protect our place in the world’s biggest single market and the jobs and investment that depend on it.

“It’s significant that the result in Scotland came after a campaign that was positive about the EU and the benefits of freedom of movement.

“As your MSP, I want to tell the citizens of other EU countries living in Paisley that you remain welcome here, Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued.

“The many EU citizens studying or working at Paisley University should also be reassured that the Scottish Government is doing everything possible to protect our membership of the EU.

“It’s deeply disappointing that the result in Scotland was not echoed across the whole of the UK – but Scotland has spoken decisively and we will make that voice heard.”


George - MND Awareness

George backs MND Scotland’s fight to Cure MND.

George - MND AwarenessIn advance of Global MND Awareness Day on 21st June Paisley’s MSP is asking his constituents to help Cure MND.


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing terminal neurological condition which affects the signals from your brain reaching muscles, causing muscle weakness and wasting. It can affect the ability to eat, sleep, walk, talk and breathe unaided. Average life expectancy from diagnosis is just 14 months and it is not yet known what causes it.  There is no effective treatment or cure.


Funding MND research is a key priority for MND Scotland and during Awareness Week they will be highlighting what could be achieved with more funding.
Commenting George said:

“MND has affected people across my Constituency. MND Scotland provides care and support to people affected by the illness alongside cutting edge research to try and find a cure.


“Scotland is fast becoming one of the go to places to conduct MND research and MND Scotland’s Awareness Week campaign aims to raise £15,000 to invest in to further research projects.


“I am delighted to support MND Scotland and their Awareness Week goal of raising more money to invest in this critical research.”


MND Scotland Chief Executive Craig Stockton said:

“MND is a rapidly progressing terminal illness with no effective treatment and no cure. During MND Awareness Week 2016 we want to increase public awareness and understanding of MND. Funding for MND Research continues to be a priority for MND Scotland but with additional support we can do more! Text CUREMND to 70660 to donate £5 to MND Scotland.


“Join the MND fight today and help us create a world without MND tomorrow.”

George cart landscape

Scotland Exceeds 2020 Climate Targets Six Years Early

George cart landscapeMSP George Adam has welcomed news that Scotland has exceeded its world leading climate change targets – six years early.


New figures show that Scotland exceeded the 2020 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% in 2014.


Scotland continues to outperform the rest of the UK, with a 39.5% drop in Scottish source emissions between 1990 and 2014 compared to the UK’s 33% reduction over the same period. Scotland is one of the leading countries in Western Europe for reducing emissions.


The latest climate change statistics show Scotland’s emissions, for reporting against targets, have fallen by 12.5% year on year to 41.9 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) in 2014.


This is a reduction of 45.8% from the 1990 baseline.


Commenting, George said:


“Scotland is making outstanding progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These statistics show that we not only met the annual 2014 emissions reduction target but also exceeded the level of our world-leading 2020 target for a 42% reduction, six years ahead of schedule.


“The reduction in residential emissions in 2014 may have been due to people turning down their heating. This underlines that the actions of someone in Paisley, if repeated on a large scale, can have a big impact in tackling climate change.


“With climate change one of the defining challenges of our time, there is a real need to cooperate with our neighbours and internationally – which is one of the reasons why Scotland and the UK are better off remaining in the European Union.”


Scotland Leads Way in UK as Affordable Homes Target Exceeded by 10%

ThrushcraigsPaisley’s MSP has welcomed figures showing that the Scottish Government exceeded its affordable homes target by more than 10% – with Scotland outperforming the rest of the UK for all housebuilding.


Over the past parliamentary term the Scottish Government delivered 33,490 affordable homes – beating the target of 30,000. Of these, more than 22,500 were for social rent, including almost 6,000 council houses.


The SNP is committed to increasing the pace of affordable housebuilding, with a target of delivering at least 50,000 affordable homes by the end of this parliament – backed by more than £3 billion investment.


The rate of house building completions across all sectors puts Scotland ahead of every other country in the UK.


Commenting, George said:


“I’m delighted that the Scottish Government has exceeded ambitious targets for building new affordable homes – with families across Paisley and Scotland benefitting.


“Exceeding the target of building 30,000 affordable homes is no mean feat in a challenging financial environment. Investment of more than £1.7 billion, as well as the re-introduction of council house building, has meant high quality, energy efficient, affordable homes have been built the length and breadth of the country.


“Scotland is building homes at a rate faster than anywhere else in the UK, and in fact since 2007 we have built over 41,000 more homes than would have been built at England’s lower per-capita rate. That’s the equivalent of a new town the size of Paisley.


“Paisley has seen the construction of new affordable housing in Blackhall, Shortroods, the Town Centre and Neilston Road.


“Over the next five years the SNP will increase the pace of affordable home construction – delivering the homes communities in Paisley need. This is not just about counting bricks and mortar, but about providing people with high equality, energy efficient, affordable homes – improving their life chances, health and wellbeing.”