The Date Has Been Announced

 21 March 2013 was the day that Scotland’s First Minster announced that the referendum on Scottish Independence will be held on the 18th September 2014.  In a speech to the Scottish Parliament he stated that this will be the day when our nation’s people will vote on the path they want our country to take.  By voting YES, was can gain the economic leavers to better the prospects of all the people who live and work in our country.  This will be the most important decision to have been made in Scotland for over 300 years.  The people of Scotland have the chance to change the destiny of this great nation, allowing those who care most about Scotland, the people of Scotland, to make the decisions which affect the people of Scotland.

Launch of the YES Campaign

George and Paisley's Parliamentary Office Staff saying Yes to IndependenceGeorge and Paisley’s Parliamentary Office staff [25/5/12] attended the launch of the YES Campaign.  The event took place in Edinburgh and was attended by a host of celebrities, businessmen and women, politicians, prominent members of Scottish society and many others who share the same vision for the future; Scotland becoming an independent nation once again.

The launch was the starting point for all members of Scotland’s wide and diverse society to come and work together in the campaign to win the 2014 referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future.  The campaign will bring together members of the SNP, the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, people of no party affiliation, community activists, and many more with one common vision; giving Scotland the economic levers it needs to make our nation better for the people of Scotland.

Between now and 18 September 2014, we want 1,000,000 people to sign the YES Declaration, which is as follows–

“I believe that it is fundamentally better for us all if decisions about Scotland’s future are taken by the people who care most about Scotland, that is, by the people of Scotland.

“Being independent means Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands.

“There is no doubt that Scotland has great potential.  We are blessed with talent, resources and creativity.  We have the opportunity to make our nation a better place to live, for thisGeorge signs the Yes Declaration and future generations. We can build a greener, fairer and more prosperous society that is stronger and more successful than it is today.

“I want a Scotland that speaks with her own voice and makes her own unique contribution to the world – a Scotland that stands alongside the other nations on these isles, as an independent nation.”

George and many other local community activists will be putting forward the case for independence to the people of Paisley and beyond over the next year and a half.   This will be a positive case highlighting Scotland’s potential, whether it be with regards to our vast renewable energy resources; the enormous wealth created from North Sea oil and gas revenues which could be put into an oil fund and not squandered by Westminster; or a furtherance of the progressive style of politics which has been a feature of the Scottish Parliament in recent years.  Together we can make Scotland better; we live in a great nation, full of brilliant people with wonderful ideas, being independent would afford us more tools to unlock all Scotland’s potential.

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George’s words on Scottish Independence 

George and AlexI have been a supporter of independence for as long as I can remember. Alex Salmond said:

‘The fundamental reason for being independent is that Scotland is a nation and nations are better when they govern themselves.’

This short statement seems self evident to me. The people best placed to make the decisions about Scotland are those in the country. At this time, with tough economic decisions being made, the Scottish Government cannot make the economic choices to grow the economy, the main borrowing powers, taxes, benefits and defence are reserved matters which means that they are made at Westminster.

At the present time the UK is the twelfth wealthiest nation in the world. If Scotland was independent Scotland would rise to the sixth wealthiest nation, well ahead of the remainder of the UK. These figures are calculated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The economic argument is no longer the issue. The SNP have introduced free tuition fees, free prescriptions, 1000 extra police, the lowest crime figures for 34 years. With the full powers of an independent nation we could do so much more.

Independence is about making Scotland more successful. Working towards a just and outward looking country, taking to the world stage as an equal to the other 200 nations in the world, 150 of which were established after the second world war.

Independence is the natural state for countries. With more and more nations becoming independent, making decisions on their own behalf, it is time for Scotland to take its place along side them.

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