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George Votes in Historic Yes Vote

George says Yes to IndependenceGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, last week [31/05/2012] voted for First Minister Alex Salmond’s parliamentary motion which stated, “That the Parliament agrees that Scotland should be an independent country; sees it as the responsibility of this generation to hand over a better country to the next generation than the one inherited, and believes that it is vital for the people of Scotland to take full responsibility for the decisions about the future of Scotland.”

This was the first time that Holyrood has indicated its support for Scotland becoming an independent country, and commenting after the vote George said:

‘This was a historic day in the parliament and indeed in Scotland. This is the first time that elected member’s in Scotland have voted in favour of Scotland becoming and independent nation. Indeed, it is not the elected members who will decide whether or not we become independent, but the people of Scotland; however, as a life long supporter of independence for Scotland, this was a very symbolic day for myself and my colleagues.

‘Even just a few years ago, the thought of such a vote would have been unimaginable. Now the unimaginable has arrived, and can act as a starting point, on top of last weeks Yes Campaign launch, on the journey to Scotland taking her seat alongside the world other independent nations once again.

‘The task ahead is great, but it is a task which we all should relish being part of. Myself and the rest of my independence supporting MSP colleagues are in a fortunate position during this historic time, sitting in a parliament which looks to take the biggest step in over 300 years, however, every single person in Scotland is fortunate also; they hold the opportunity in their hands to make Scotland independent once more.

Paisley’s MSP on Town Hall Investment

George outside Paisley Town HallPaisley’s MSP has welcomed the £1.6 million investment in Paisley’s Town Hall, to revamp the iconic landmark and make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Speaking on the announcement, George said:

‘This is a good start to the investment that is required for the town hall. Obviuosly, there is a lot more to do, as outlined in Renfrewshire Council’s pre-consultation on the Town Hall a few years ago, where it was put forward that £7million would be needed to total re-vamp this icon buliding.

‘However, this investment will give the building an upgrade and increase public access, ensuring that the venue is in tip-top condition for the Mod coming to the town next year.

‘Not only that, jobs will be created, apprenticeships will be continued along with training for those involved in the project.

‘This is in line with the Government’s priority of employment and jobs’.

The town hall was built in 1882 by members of the Clark family, one of the families important in the thread and weaving history of Paisley.

George welcomes consultation in Victims’ Rights Bill

George Adam MSPGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has welcomed the Scottish Government’s consultation on their proposed Victims’ Rights Bill.

The proposed Bill aims to introduce new measure to help further protect those affected by crime and to allow further openness and transparency between victims of crime and the Scottish justice system.

Commenting George said:

“The role of the Scottish justice system is to protect the victims of crimes as well as ensuring those who perpetrate crime are held to account for their actions.

“The Scottish Government has already made improvements to the way victims of crime and witnesses are treated by the judicial system. Courts can now award higher compensation payments and the Government also continues to support the work of Victim Support Scotland.

“The consultation contains a wide range of proposals that aim to further improve the experience of the justice system for victims and witnesses and offer them additional support. It aim to make sure victims, witnesses and their families feel better prepared to give evidence, ensure that they are more informed about any court proceedings and better ensure that victims and witnesses needs remain a priority.

“I would urge as many people as possible in Paisley and beyond to respond to the consultation, as their opinions could be vital in ensuring that this bill goes further to protect those affected by crime.”

Click here for a link to the consultation paper

George Says Yes

George signs the Yes DeclarationPaisley’s MSP has signed up the Yes campaign, to ensure that the people of Scotland have their own say over all their affairs.

George Adam attended the launch of the campaign at the Fountainbridge cinema in Edinburgh. Speaking on the event George said:

‘I was absolutely delighted to attend the launch of the Yes campaign, and to be one of the first people to sign the Yes Declaration. Having campaigned for the people of Scotland to have total control of their affairs since the age of sixteen, it was an emotional event to think that we now have the chance to offer this to the people of our country.

‘It is obvious to me that we, the people who live in Scotland, are the best placed people to make the decisions which affect our country. Should we have nuclear weapons? How should benefits be distributed? What should we spend the income from our oil resources on? How should we treat our armed forces? These are all questions that we would be able to answer if we were an independent country’.

The Yes Declaration states

“I believe that it is fundamentally better for us all if decisions about Scotland’s future are taken by the people who care most about Scotland, that is, by the people of Scotland.
“Being independent means Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands.
“There is no doubt that Scotland has great potential. We are blessed with talent, resources and creativity. We have the opportunity to make our nation a better place to live, for this and future generations. We can build a greener, fairer and more prosperous society that is stronger and more successful than it is today.
“I want a Scotland that speaks with her own voice and makes her own unique contribution to the world – a Scotland that stands alongside the other nations on these isles, as an independent nation.”


National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Week

Stacey and her father during MS WeekGeorge recently secured his second members debate, on a subject very close to his heart, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As many of you will know, George’s wife Stacy suffers from MS, first being diagnosed when she was 16. Stacey has the secondary/ progressive form of the disease and often finds it difficult to undertake small everyday tasks, however on occasion, she can get up and dance with George on a night out. Scotland has the most cases of MS in the world per capita, and while great steps are being taken every day to understand this disease, much has still to be done. That is why debates like that which George secured in the parliament, during National MS week, helps to make people more aware of this disease. George would like to thank all the members who took part in the debate, everyone who supported National MS Week, and also his wife Stacey who made the trip through to Edinburgh for the debate, while this was a long and tiring day for Stacey, she too appreciated all the support people have offered her and everyone else who suffers from this disease.

You can view the dabate by clicking here.


Hugh Murray, St. Mirren Legend, Leaves after 15 Years’ Service

Shuggie in action a few years ago at Love StreetGeorge today lodged a parliamentary motion regarding the sad news that Saints legend, Hugh ‘Shuggie’ Murray, will be leaving the club at the end of the season. The motion has already received good support with MSPs from all over country showing their recognition for the impact Shuggie has had, not only on St. Mirren, but Scottish football as a whole. Good luck for the future Shug, you’ll always be a buddie.


Motion S4M-02645: George Adam, Paisley, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 18/04/2012

That the Parliament warmly congratulates Hugh “Shuggie” Murray on his 15 years of service to the Paisley football team, St Mirren, since his debut against Airdrieonians on 2 August 1997; considers that, in an age where it is rare for a player to stay with one club for any length of time, Shuggie has been a devoted one-club man, with 467 appearances for the Saints to date, which makes him the official record-holder for competitive appearances for the club; notes that he has scored 18 goals, including the goal in 1998 against Stirling Albion, which saved St Mirren from the drop to the second division, making sure that he would always be a Saints’ legend; believes that Shuggie is Saints’ most successful player, winning two first division titles and a Bell’s League Challenge Cup and being capped for Scotland at both U16 and U21 level; acknowledges the work that Shuggie has done in the community and with charities in Paisley and considers that, while he was not born in Paisley, but Bellshill, his years of service on and off the pitch have made him one of Paisley’s favourite adopted sons; regrets that Hugh Murray will leave St Mirren at the end of the current season and move to pastures new, however believes that he will long remain in the hearts and minds of Saints’ fans and is wished every success in his future endeavours.

George Supports Castlehead Pupils as they Work on their BBC News School Report

George with Castlehead BBC News School


George recently visited Castlehead High School in Paisley to be interviewed and take part in their BBC News School Report. The subject was Independence, a subject George could talk all day on. He was delighted to take part in their production, which has been well shot, well editied and excellently presented from strart to finish. A big thumbs up go to all the pupils involved!

Click on this link to see the Castlehead Pupils BBC News School Report

MSP Secures Fairtrade Debate to Launch Fairtrade Fortnight

George with his favourite Fairtrade chocolateGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, today [23/02/12] led a Members Debate in the Scottish Parliament on the new Fairtrade campaign ‘Take a Step in 2012’. Fairtrade Fortnight begins on the 27th February and runs until 11th March, and is the highlight of the Fairtrade calendar with many events happening all over Scotland.

George said, “I was delighted to secure a members debate on Fairtrade in the run up to Fairtrade Fortnight. I have been passionate about Fairtrade for years; it was actually hearing about child sweat-shops being used to manufacture some of the most popular clothes at the time, which eventually lead me onto finding out about Fairtrade. Nowadays, many top brands are Fairtrade, like Kit Kats and Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons, which are a personal favorite of mine.

‘Fairtrade looks to guarantee fair prices for producers of many products, from coffee, tea, wine and cotton. Many of these producers are from third world countries and were exploited for years, being paid very poor prices. So the more people that turn to Fairtrade means more producers around the world will get a fair price for their produce, increasing their wage and raising their living standards.

‘Take a Step in 2012, is a campaign designed to make people aware that no matter how small a step they make for Fairtrade; even a small step is a good step. Whether you alert a friend to Fairtrade, change to Fairtrade coffee yourself, change your office to only use Fairtrade products, of turn your school into a Fairtrade one, these are all positive steps. Renfrewshire has been a Fairtrade Zone since 2009, with Paisley being a Fairtrade Town since 2007.

‘Council Leader Brian Lawson has done wonders for Fairtrade locally; I can vouch for this as I was on the Fairtrade Steering Group with him as a councilor, before I became the Co-Convener of the Cross Party Group on Fairtrade at the Scottish Parliament. 2012 is the also the year that Scotland hopes to become a Fairtrade country, like our Celtic cousin, Wales. The positive nature of the debate I had in Parliament can only bode well for Scotland’s chances and I would urge as many Buddies as possible to Take a Step, for Fairtrade, in 2012. “

The Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, who closed the debate said, “I echo the sentiments that have been expressed in the chamber and thank George Adam. An assessment panel will meet in the autumn to review our evidence and judge whether Scotland has achieved enough to become a Fairtrade nation. I am confident that we will have done so, but we have to strive to go beyond that.

‘Evidence suggests that fair trade sales are holding up, despite the recession. In 2010, sales of fair trade products soared by 40 per cent to an estimated retail value of £1.17 billion, and the Fairtrade Foundation is expected to reveal another increase in sales.”

For more information on Fairtrade Fortnight, Take a Step in 2012 or just Fairtrade in general, click Here. You can also watch the full debate on the BBC Democracy Live Website – click here.

George Visits EPM Solutions on its 10th Anniversary

George and Gary KerrGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, today [16/02/12] went to EPM Solutions head office in Paisley’s West End to take in the great work being done there, while also congratulation the company as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

George said, “I was delighted to go along today and meet with Gary Kerr, Managing Director of EPM Solutions, and learn about the work the company is involved in. Celebrating a 10th birthday as well is a real achievement for any company and this one, I’m sure, will be going for many more years to come.

‘Having known Gary for years due to us both being massive Saints fans, I was very keen to take in his workplace and understand the very challenging market his company operates in. An engineering company, they provide specialized engineering consultancy and asset management, to name two of their services, to companies across the world. Some of their clients include NHS Scotland, BAA, BP, MITIE, Rolls Royce and they played a significant part in writing the 25 year asset management and maintenance plan for the Scottish Parliament.

‘Gary, brought up in Thrushcraigs in Paisley, started the company in 2002, firstly working out of an office on Moss Street, moving another twice, before moving to the company’s current location at Woodside House on William Street. The premises are fantastic, modern and currently the lower floor is undergoing serious renovations to allow this renowned company to expand to accommodate its ever increasing work load.

‘I would like to praise Gary and his staff for the great and challenging work they are involved in, bring major companies and their contracts to their Paisley base; it’s a true Buddie success story. EPM prides itself on its customer service which from the welcome and tour Gary gave me, I am sure is 1st class.”

On George’s visit Gary said, “I was very pleased that George wanted to come to our office and learn about the work we are doing right in the heart of Paisley. We are a still a young company which is growing and I am delighted that I am able to run my business in my home town of Paisley. The companies which we work with, many major international ones, are having work done right here in Paisley. I am very proud of this, being Paisley born and bred, and I would like to thank George for joining us at our office.”